A downloadable game

A game I have made for my Final Year Project. This game was made following the inspiration from my last puzzle platform game, Rectangular Adventure.

The idea is to make a puzzle platform game utilizing abilities to move around the stage, challenging players to utilize their creativity to solve the problem of reaching from point A to B with obstacles in the middle.

This project was originally made by 2 people, with me heading the design with a classmate helping with the programming. The game was supposed to be made using Unity.

Due to unforseen circumstances, my partner dropped out of the project and I have to redo the entire thing from scratch, mostly due to the fact that I am unable to read his codes and the programming language due to my lack of programming knowledge. To make matters worse, it was 2 months till the final project deadline.

I remade the game using Stencyl, which during the current moment was the only game engine that I could use.

Hence, many mechanics have to be dropped from this transition from Unity to Stencyl. But in the end I made it after massive rushing.

(P.S. go to "view" and set to "See All" for the best setting)


DropBox.swf 8 MB