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Assignment work for one of my assignments, back at 2014.
3rd assignment work I've done within my course at KDU Game Development course.

This game is made using Stencyl 2.0, a life-saver for any Game Designers who still lack experience in hard-coding.

This is one game which I spent a lot of time stacking attributes and numbers just to get the basic mechanics working. It was a good learning experience on balancing attributes and statistics, as well as getting to know how difficult it is to create a "perfect" balance.

This game is an arena-based "hack-n-slash" fighting game where 2 players jump around and try to slash, or shoot at each other until 1 of them reign victorious.

Wall jump is possible, allowing for all kinds of vertical movement fun.

The game is mainly made for 2 players. And is best probably not played alone.

There are 2 versions of this game.

One is purely combat and is actually the entire game planned in the first place, other is an "extra" feature which tried to include a shop into a game (as per assignment requirements within my course), which didn't go so well.


GBGD413_ChuaYuJing_DuelDestinies(ShopPrototype).swf 8 MB
GBGD413_ChuaYuJing_DuelDestinies(OriginalConcept).swf 8 MB

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