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A game I have made back as an assignment during a subject called Game Genre Studies when I was studying at KDU College's Games Development Course back at 2013.

Within this subject a task was made to create a shoot-em-up.

From what started off as just a "Shoot stuff that falls", testers find the lack of difficulty boring as the game has no "end-game" feel since the game was too easy with insufficient amount of enemies to overwhelm the enemy with, and the player can very easily overpower the enemy.

The following prototypes leading up to the final product is a process of trial and errors with bugs and balancing, as well as test sessions where I ask opinions of others on how to make the game more interesting.

This game is pretty much one of the games that taught me the importance of game testing, and adapting, as well as admitting to the errors made and correcting upon the errors on the way to finishing a game.


Vector Fa11 (Final).swf 2 MB
Vector Fall - Early Prototype.swf 1 MB
Vector Fall - Ver2 Prototype.swf 1 MB

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